A TikToker shows baked brie recipes on TikTok with ingredients like nuts and blackberries.
These Baked Brie Recipes On TikTok Will Cheese Up Your Content

Say goodbye to boring charcuterie boards.

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If you enjoy looking at delicious and cheesy recipes in your spare time, scrolling through TikTok can be a real treat. Along with feta pasta, egg sandwiches, and pizza wraps, TikTokers are showing off their baked brie recipes on TikTok, and they look un-brie-lievably tasty. From mouthwatering brie dips and warm brie-filled pastries to Insta-worthy sunflower-shaped brie bread, you'll want to make, taste, snap, and post every single baked brie recipe that’s listed below for your next Netflix night or fancy dinner date at home.

If you're looking to cheese up your next charcuterie board, you could easily put together one of the fruit and nut brie dips as the centerpiece. Then, surround it with sliced baguettes, crackers, honey, and sliced apples or peaches. Or, if you’re looking for something to prepare for a romantic living room picnic you’re having with your partner, consider making a savory baked brie bread.

With this list of baked brie recipes on hand, your stomach will be full of cheesy goodness. Every presentation you put together will rate five out of five stars. Just don't forget to snap a pic or post your own TikTok video, because you know the cheesy content will be so on point.

This Baked Brie Sunflower

This is probably the most beautiful baked brie dish you've ever seen. It consists of brie cheese in a puff pastry that's made to look like a sunflower. This amazing recipe comes from TikToker Ava Praschnik (@yumiami_), and not only is it gorgeous, but the pastry petals of the flower can be broken off and dipped into the warm apricot brie dip.

This Simple Honey Garlic Brie Dip

If you're looking for a simple dip that can be enjoyed during your next movie night, check out this honey garlic baked brie from TikToker Lizastian (@lizastian). All you need to do is add oil, garlic, honey, and rosemary to the top of your brie before baking it. Then, surround it with some homemade crackers for dipping.

This Baked Brie With A Bow On Top

Go for some style points by following this baked brie recipe with a bow on top from TikToker Farrah J (@spicednice). Simply wrap your brie in homemade puff pastry, and cut off any extra dough. Then, use that dough to create an adorable bow on top.

This Baked Brie With Sugared Cranberries

The combo of brie and fruit is berry good. For something sweet, try this baked brie with sugared cranberry recipe from TikToker Jamie Milne (@everything_delish). You'll need puff pastry to wrap your brie in. Then, top it off with honey, almonds, and sugared cranberries for an amazing appetizer. For a party, make these bite-sized cranberry brie pastries for your guests to enjoy as they mingle.

This Baked Brie Bread Bowl

Try saying baked brie bread bowl five times fast. It's a lot easier to make this dish from TikToker Claudia Macias (@claudsem). You just need to add brie, jam, honey, and sliced almonds to your bread bowl before baking. Then, you have the perfect bowl to enjoy. Of course, you could also do something more savory like this baked brie bowl from Yummly that has garlic, mustard, and spicy chili powder.

This Baked Brie Skillet

Instead of popping your brie in the oven, place it in a skillet for a sizzling baked brie. Follow @happytummy_702 on TikTok with this mouthwatering recipe, which includes brie, honey, chopped nuts, blackberries, and rosemary. Of course, you can add whatever you’d like in your skillet. Keep it simple with just a three-ingredient baked brie that has brown sugar and pecans. Then, place your skillet in the center of your charcuterie board for a super warm and Insta-worthy dip.

This Savory Onion Baked Brie

By adding honey and fruit spreads to your brie, you'll get a sweet dip to enjoy. However, if you prefer something more savory, try this onion baked brie from TikToker @hungrydreacreations. Just add cooked onions to your brie before wrapping it in a puff pastry. Take it a step further and make a bacon baked brie with onions and cayenne pepper for a kick.

This Garlic Butter Baked Brie

For game day this fall, make some garlic butter baked brie. This is like a deconstructed version of your fave cheesy garlic bread, and it only takes two ingredients with your brie. Just top with the garlic butter before putting it in the oven. This recipe from TikToker @convinoboard along with this garlic butter brie from Yummly suggest adding some thyme on top to make your dish more picture-perfect.

This Pumpkin Baked Brie

Calling all fall lovers, this pumpkin baked brie from TikToker @maryc.129 is just for you. It’s perfect for your Halloween party or Thanksgiving potluck. Just add some pumpkin jam or butter to your brie and wrap it in a puff pastry. Tie it up so your end result is shaped like an actual pumpkin. It’s almost too gourd to eat. For the final touch of your pumpkin baked brie, don’t forget to add a sage leaf on top.

This Sweet And Spicy Baked Brie

Can’t decide if you want a sweet or spicy snack? No worries. You can make this spicy baked brie from TikToker @convinoboard. Just top with chilis and honey for a flavorful treat. Simplify it even more by just adding a hot honey or spicy jam instead.

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