Aaliyah says she still has a speaking relationship with Uche after 'Love Is Blind' Season 5.

Aaliyah Says She Still Talks To Uche After Love Is Blind

Is there hope for these two?

by Dylan Kickham

Spoiler alert: This post discusses events in the first seven episodes of Love Is Blind Season 5.

Aaliyah and Uche’s love story looked promising at first until it suddenly crashed and burned when Aaliyah disappeared from the pods. Although they had a brief discussion about maybe trying again in the real world, their IRL meeting ended with a definitive breakup. That doesn’t mean they aren’t on speaking terms anymore, though. Aaliyah tells Elite Daily that she still talks to Uche and that their post-show relationship is a positive one.

“We're in touch every now and then, but it is not problematic or anything,” Aaliyah says, after noting she’s also cool with Uche’s ex Lydia. “We have a very positive interaction each time we talk.”

While their relationship in the pods was cut short after Uche revealed his past relationship with Lydia, causing Aaliyah to get into a disagreement with her former friend and leave the pods, the almost-couple did get some closure when they met face-to-face for the first time in a restaurant.

Though the situation was uncomfortable, Aaliyah says it was overall a good interaction.

“The circumstances were a little different than what I would've wanted ideally, but it was actually nice,” Aaliyah says. “I feel like we both acknowledged that we created something in the pods that we hadn't experienced before, so it was nice to reconnect, for sure.”


During their lunch together, Aaliyah admitted to Uche that she regretted how she ended things, and even told him she would still be open to marrying him if he wanted to try things again out of the pods. But Uche shut down those prospects, saying that he didn’t think Aaliyah had shown enough faith in the relationship they had built.

Aaliyah says she was not surprised that Uche chose to end things there, so she must have been expecting that reaction going into the meeting.

So, although things didn’t work out romantically between Aaliyah and Uche, it’s at least nice to hear that they haven’t completely shut each other out. Who knows — maybe time will heal all wounds.